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dog teeth cleaning

Getting yourself a cute little bundle of joy running around in the house is one of the most exciting feelings that anyone could ever get. There is nothing that you can compare to the belief that you get when you have a pet. They look up to you for everything, and they are simply like a small human child. But you should be careful whether you are willing to become the responsible guardian. I am sure that you are because if not, you will not be searching for the methods of dog teeth cleaning in the first place.

To start with, we shall tell you why it is essential to clean your dog’s teeth and then we shall talk about the methods that you can use to get the work done correctly.

Well, there are many things that a dog person would be searching for from the first day of adopting a pet. There are so many issues that you will have to take care of when it comes to keeping that baby safe and clean and happy.

So, this article is meant to ease your mind by taking off the burden of one such problem. You might feel that this is not a big thing, but it is a big deal to dog lovers’ so read ahead!


Why is dog teeth cleaning important? 

dog dental cleaning

Dog teeth cleaning is essential in many ways. But the exact requirement is to make sure that your dog is healthy.

If you do not take care of his teeth, you will have to see him suffer from tooth diseases later. Dogs are mostly open to many of the diseases that concern dental health, and therefore, it is necessary to assure his dental health by taking proper care of him and his teeth. If you did not pay appropriate attention, you would have to see your beloved pet suffer from serious health issues.

Some of the most severe dental issues that dogs can get are listed below.

  • Tooth root abscesses
  • Jaw fractures

Lack of dental hygiene can also result in the following diseases:

  • Nasal discharge
  • Infections in the bones
  • Damage to heart valves, which can then result in heart failure, liver and kidney damage.

What should you take note of when it comes to his dental health?

If your dog shows one or more of the following symptoms, you should take him directly to the vet. You should also note that they can rise even if you clean his teeth regularly.

The most vital signs of bad dental hygiene are given below:

  • Bad breath
  • Dropping food from the mouth
  • Tilting head to sides when eating or eating uncomfortably
  • Unwillingness to eat hard food
  • Loose teeth and loss of teeth

How to clean your dog’s teeth?

Home dental cleaning is just as crucial, like taking your dog to the vet. There is no other way of keeping your dog’s teeth and gums healthy. You do not need to have a lot to start with, and you can clean your pet’s teeth by using a brush and toothpaste designed for them.

You can use a moistened toothbrush that has soft bristles so that he will not feel any pain. There are specially designed brushes, and if you cannot find one, you can use a child’s one. There are also the kinds of toothpaste that are meant for your dog, and you can use them without a doubt.


You can get him to you and start brushing his teeth gently and smoothly.

Make sure that you clean the upper molars and the canines because they are the ones that get easily damaged.

You should also keep in mind to reward him whenever he cooperates because that is the only way for you to get him on the next turn as well. If he is not willing or allowing to brush his teeth, you can use other alternatives such as dental chews and dental diets. There are water additives, as well. Though the results will not be similar to brushing, these will also help you to assure his dental hygiene is taken care of, especially if he is someone who gets angry fast.

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