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dog muzzle

Getting a dog for a pet is nothing but a dream comes true for many of us. This is not just because we love pets, but because we are dog people! Yes, we love dogs, and we love to have dogs, and we love to be with them, pet them, and spend our entire life with them. I would completely agree with you if you were to say that dogs are better companions, even more than people. So, after getting a pet doggy, there are many things that you need to know. You have to focus on studying the things that will be important when he is just a pup and when he is grown and big. Dog muzzle is one such thing.

So, this article will focus on everything that you need to know when it comes to these basket muzzles. Everything starting from how to wear them, how to choose them, and how to pick the size will be discussed so that you will have absolutely no trouble.

Read the entire article to learn everything – because you need to be extremely careful, given that this will ultimately determine the way that your dog will behave in the future.

Make up your mind to put a dog muzzle on your doggy!


First of all, you need to make up your mind to put a muzzle on your beloved pet. This is unsettling, given that many people wonder whether it is human to do so. This is a controversial subject among the dog lover’s community.

You will be inhuman if you were to use it on your dog at all the time, but you need to train your dog to accept it as well. You cannot predict the future or say what is going to happen, right? So being prepared and teaching him to accept it is the most important thing.

When should you use one?

basket muzzle

As mentioned above, many people think that dog muzzles are cruel stuff. But you should note that there are times that you will have no other choice than using one. If the question that you have is when to use one, the following situations are the best and the most appropriate ones.

  1. During an emergency, if your dog is being transported to the vet mainly if he is injured.
  1. If your dog has an aggressive history and if he is from a pretty aggressive dog breed, then it is better if you train him to accept one. You might need to use one when there are visitors or when you are taking a walk – well, just in case!
  1. If you just started with teaching him to get groomed, you may use a muzzle. You can stop putting on one when he is trained to grooming procedures.

There is unfortunate legislation in some countries and states saying that certain breeds need to be wearing muzzles.

What are the types of muzzles?

  1. Basket muzzle – this is a basket strapped around your dog’s mouth and ears. Though they look inhumane, they are the best because they allow the dog to move the jaws and feel relaxed.
  1. Soft muzzle – these are wrapped around the mouth and hold it closed. Make sure that you use it for short term periods.
  1. Homemade muzzle – this is used in extreme emergency cases when you can find no muzzle and when you are in an actual hurry. This should be temporary. You can use gauze or a pantyhose as a muzzle.


How to train him to accept one?

If you were worried about how to make your dog accept a muzzle, here are some of the tips. First, make sure that you train him when he is a puppy because that will make the task pretty easy. Start with some sniffing and rewarding. Touch his nose with it and let him smell it until he shows some interest. 

Hold the muzzle with one hand and hold the treat under it on the other side. You can slip the muzzle to his nose and remove it. Trying this for a few times would allow him to know that it does not hurt.

Then you should start fastening the buckle.

Make sure that you remove it immediately and try a few times while increasing the number of seconds he wears it. Rewards and treats will make the process of wearing dog muzzle easier.

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