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red nose pitbull

Pitbull dogs are one of the favorites and popular kinds in the United States and other courtiers. The category is called the American Pit Bull Terrier breed, and there are several types within the clan. Although the appearance of Pitbull dogs is more tough and brave, they are domestic dogs. They become more famous with their vibrant and classy color of the body. Among them, Blue Nose Pitbull and Red Nose Pitbull are at the top. Although the names look similar, both of them are different colored Pitbull Terriers. Today you will get the more details on the second one; Red Nose Pitbull breed.

The outward appearance of Red Nose Pitbull

As a general Pitbull kind, the Red Nose Pitbull is also stocky and muscular. They are medium-sized dogs, and a female one grows approximately between 17-20″ in height while her weight ranges from 30 and 50lbs. The male dog is slightly larger in comparison to the female kind, the height is averagely 21 inches, and they can grow up to 60lbs in weight.

Thesedogs can be easily identified because of the color of their fur. They usually have red, brown, and copper tones. Their eyes, toenails, and nose also have the same color.


As per the animal expertise, Pitbull dogs are friendly creatures. Likewise, the Red Nose Pitbulls are relaxed, sociable, and friendly. At the same time, they are intelligent while obedient and loyal to their human owner.

As most of the domestic dogs, the kind needs early socialization and training. However, you should follow some guidelines to train your Pitbull. Keep in mind that you should always provide safe space training from puppyhood. Preferably you can find a better space for him under the stairs, even in a separate room or in a crate. It would be best if you remembered to make the space more comfortable. Thus, set up a safe space with a warm blanket, silky bedding, or even comfortable cushions. Both soft toys and chew toys also give a better living environment for the breed, even a time to play after allowing your Red Nose Pitbull to explore around and make it familiar for some time.

A well socialized and trained Red Nose Pitbull is considered as the friendliest dog you could ever want to accompany. Their friendly nature may suit any family who has experience of larger breeds.

Most importantly, it would be best if you acknowledged that Pitbull dogs as a breed are involved in more dog bite-related fatalities than any other breed, and even Red Nose Pitbull dog belongs to the same category.

In talking about the socialization of Red Nose Pitbull, the breed needs more attention and companionship. They immensely love human interaction. Red Nose Pitbulls have severe difficulties in coping with being left alone as they cannot survive alone for more than 3-4 hours.

Health Conditions of the Red Nose Pitbull

In general terms, these dogs are healthy and strong temperament. However, there are some health issues with the kind that we should consider seriously. Otherwise, it will do severe damage to their health.

When there is an abnormal development in the hip joint of the Red Nose Pitbull, it is called Hip Dysplasia. Sometimes it can be cured by therapy and medication. However, there may be some severe situations that surgery will be the ultimate option. If he is suffering from this, he may live with lameness, altered gait, and pain.

Degenerative Myelopathy is another disease that can be seen in the spinal cord. This is more common in the older ones in comparison to the younger breeds. If your dog suffers from this condition, he may present with loss of coordination of the hind legs, often wobbling or knuckling over.

When their kneecap does not sit in the trochlea groove, they may face a disease called Kneecap Dislocation or in other words, luxating patella. There is a genetic component to this condition.

Wrapping up…

Finally, considering the appearance, characteristics, and the strong temperament of the Red Nose Pitbull, the breedis one of the best of kinds to adopt, since they have a brave and strong appearance. At the same time, they will be your best buddy to have fun with.

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