Importance of grooming my dog – for health, & better look

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Staying clean and looking healthy is essential. We all know about the importance of personal hygiene and grooming ourselves daily and the requirements that you need to fulfill when you take a bath and what not! In this article, we shall leave your grooming aside, and start talking about the importance of grooming your dog – because why not? Dog grooming is as important as any other cleaning activity that we – humans – take!

We know you love your pet a lot, and as a dog person – I love mine too. That is why we are more caring for their wellbeing than anyone else. 

So, all doubts aside, we shall start our discussion to bring out all the answers you need when it comes to the personal hygiene of your dog.

What is dog grooming?

Well. Dog grooming is nothing but keeping your pet physically clean while giving him a better look at all times. The importance of grooming is that though bathing is a part of it, there is more.


Many of us forget to take the other essential parts of grooming and stop after bathing him. The importance of it lies in the state of physical health that proper grooming gives to your beloved pet. Also, you will be able to check on him regularly. This will allow you the opportunity to check for any abnormalities, or skin problems or such diseases, as well as to other dog issues.

You will be unknowingly saving your dog from ticks, rashes, patches, and even infections and inflammations and other diseases related to the eyes, teeth, nose, ears, and nails. This is mainly because you will be checking every part of his body when cleaning.

How should you groom your dog?

self serve dog wash

To start grooming your dog, and to make him like it, you have to start training him from a very young age. You should begin it when he is just a little pup, because if you are too late, then he will refuse to be groomed, especially when it comes to nail clipping and ear cleaning – dogs are pretty unclean in that case.

The age of three weeks is best to start with the training.

You should start brushing your pet. It is better to brush her a lot than to bathe her a lot, and even before a bath, make sure you brush her properly. You can brush your dog without any hesitation with regard to the breed or type.

You can clean the ears and clip the nails once a week and this can be done either before or after a bath. You will find nail clipping easier after a bath because they tend to soften a little.

However, make sure that you are not nervous because nervousness can cause a lot of trouble than you even imagine! It is because your dog can tell if you are worried or not, and this will make her agitated and even aggressive.


You will need a comb, a grooming table, grooming blades, clipper and blade coolant, grooming shears, nail clippers, and powder to start a proper grooming session with your pet.

Make sure you never leave that extremely cute and naughty little pet on the grooming table alone, unattended. This would result in a scene that you never imagined to face.

Are self – serve dog washes good?

Self – serve dog wash stations are nothing but facilities that have been put up to groom your dog. If you are nervous about taking the job, then it would be better to check on with one of them and get their help.

However, you should be considerate about whether your dog is a friendly little bundle of joy or an aggressive little bundle of joy. 

If he does not like to be groomed, it is better you do start doing it yourself because this could cause trouble more than you think about it!

There is nothing like good washes and bad washes as long as the service station is reputed, have a license (if it is required), and has a veterinarian available, you are good to go. The important thing is being considerate of how your dog will respond to being groomed by someone they do not know!

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