How to Treat Dog Ear Infection without Vet – natural home remedies to try

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how to treat dog ear infection without vet

Seeing your doggy sick is one of the saddest sights. He suddenly stops his clumsy moves, lap jumps, and loud barks when it is not well. We miss all that mischief, right? However, sometimes the behavioral changes may not be obvious in the first stages of sickness. It is not easy for it to let us know that something is wrong in its systems. Therefore, as dog parents, we must always keep a good alert on its change in behavior. Giving it prompt treatments will ease its pain and avoid serious situations. Sometimes before rushing to the vet, a quick home remedy might be all you need to treat the dog. So, today’s article will tell you how to treat dog ear infection without vet. 

What should I know before learning how to treat dog ear infection without vet?

Before learning the tips on how to treat dog ear infection without vet, we will see about these ear infections. It is important to understand the condition before giving the treatment. This will also help you to rush to the vet if the situation is serious. There are a few different types of ear infections among dogs. Also, these ear infections happen in different areas of the dog’s ear.

Below mentioned are the god ear infection types;

  • Otitis externa – the infection is on an external part of the ear and easy to treat
  • Otitis media – The infection or the inflammation is somewhere on the middle ear structure. It is common to see this condition in dogs having above mentioned external ear infections. 
  • Otitis interna – the infection is inside the ear and not very visible in most cases. If the above conditions are not treated promptly, the dog will develop otitis interna.

Now you can understand giving treatments at the earlier stage of the external ear infections is vital. It is easy to treat the Otitis externa, or the external ear infections using natural home remedies before taking the dog to the doctor. To do that, you should see the early symptoms of dog ear infections.

Symptoms to Identify Dog Ear Infections

We, as humans, know how painful it is to have an ear infection. It is the same scenario for the dogs. Dog ears are even more sensitive than human ears. So they feel immense pain when they get ear infections. As it needs to get rid of this pain, it will try to tell you in all the possible ways about the problem. So please, listen and understand the language.

These are the signals it will be giving you;

  • Shaking head repeatedly or more often
  • Rubbing ears very often
  • Head tilting
  • Scratching ears or pawning at ears
  • Hot ears
  • Foul-smelly ears
  • Waxy smelly discharge from the ears
  • Less appetite
  • Irritated inside ear skin- scabby, crusty or red

If you missed all the above symptoms and see the below ones, then the condition is serious and please rush to the vet;

  • Hearing loss- No response to calling
  • Walking in circles
  • Losing body balance

Causes of dog ear infections

The most common dog ear infections are bacterial and yeast infections. There are ear infections due to mites as well.

  1. Yeast infection – dog ears are warm and cozy for the yeast to grow happily, making your dogs sick. It is Malassezia microorganisms, which is a fungus that causes ear infections in dogs, and the condition is very common. These organisms are naturally found in the dog skin and even in ears. But, when they get multiplied, the infections happen. Excess moisture inside the ear prepares the habitat for this mass growth of the fungi.
  2. Bacteria infections– if the immune system of the dog gets weakened, bacterial infections can happen inside dog ears. There will be a smelly yellowish or greenish discharge from the ears.
  3. Mites – Otodectes cynotis or ear mites can cause ear infections in dogs. They are parasites, so it can sometimes be difficult to treat at home.
how to treat dog ear infection naturally

How to Treat the Dog Ear Infections Naturally?

Now you have all the background information on dog year infections. Let’s see how we can treat this condition at home naturally.

Important: These remedies do not guarantee that the dog ear infections will be completely cured. These remedies will soothe the ear infections for sure. Make sure to seek the advice of the vet if the dog has the symptoms continuously.

  • Apple cider vinegar

This natural solution is effective in treating dog ear infections as a cleanser and also as an antibacterial and antifungal fighter. Acetic acid is the agent in apple cider vinegar that is effectively involved in the process.

How to use: First of all, dilute the apple cider vinegar in a 1:1 ratio with distilled water. Put cotton balls into this solution and clean the dog’s ears. This treatment will sometimes be painful to the dog, so please do it with care.

  • Coconut oil

Make an antibacterial mix by heating two tablespoons of coconut oil and two whole garlic cloves over a minimal heat.

How to use: leave the mixture to cool down. Apply it to clean the infected ears using cotton wool. Massage the ear base well for a couple of minutes. Do this daily for like ten days.


  • Warm compress 

A warm compress will ease the pain and inflammation due to ear infections in dogs. Apply warm compress 3-4 times a day.

  • Calendula oil

This oil will help to remove bacteria and also mites inside ears, which cause ear infections. Making the solution takes a bit of time, but it is an effective remedy for both fungal and bacterial infections.

How to use: 

Take a small glass jar and fill it with calendula flowers. Pour olive oil covering the calendula flowers and keep the solution for 3-4 days till calendula flowers get dissolved in the oil. Strain the mixture and separate the oil. Using a small liquid dropper, drop 4-5 droplets of this homemade oil into the infected ear. Leave for 45 seconds and swab out the ear using a clean, soft cotton cloth or tissues.

The Bottom Line

In the bottom line, it will be common to see ear infections in dogs. Now you know how to treat dog ear infection without vet. There are many home remedies you can use to treat a mild dog ear infection. It is important to understand when things cannot be controlled with home remedies. The home remedies will keep the dog happy and healthy without getting all the medications and antibiotics, which also have side effects. But, If the above remedies did not take away the symptoms we discussed, please rush to the vet.

To prevent future dog year infections, regularly clean the dog ears with apple cider vinegar. Using a few coconut oil drops into ears will also keep the fungi and bacteria away. Do not let the dog’s ears get too moistened; keep them dry. Using cotton balls, while giving them a bath is a good tip for trying out. Make sure to remove them afterward. So, that is all for today’s topic; how to treat dog ear infection without vet. Let’s meet again with a new topic to keep your legged happy pill healthy and happy.

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