How to take care of your newborn puppy?

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newborn puppies

Taking care of a newborn baby is the hardest thing that you can ever do in the world. You have to be extremely careful about how you hold them, treat them, feed them, and even put them to sleep. This is a tough task, regardless of the size of the baby. All mothers go through the same hardships, and well, all of them need to be respected for the effort they put. Wait, were you thinking of newborn babies? Well, we are talking about them, but not exactly what you were thinking about. I am talking about newborn puppies.

Well, what is the difference? 

All babies, humans, and animals both are incredibly similar when they are tiny. They need a lot of care, are incredibly fragile and need extreme attention, because the second you take away your eyes, there is going to be a disaster.

During the first few weeks, you should be extremely careful when you make choices in the place of your beloved pup. You should know what you are doing because the probability of things going wrong is extremely high.

In this article, you will find everything that you need to know when it comes to taking proper care of your beloved baby dog.

Why should you provide care for newborn puppies during the first few days?


You might be thinking that since the puppy is with his mother, there is no need for you to care for him.

But the truth is on contrary to what you are thinking. You need to take care of both of them, the pup, and the mom. This is mainly due to the health situation that they both are at because the mother who just went through labor is definitely in extreme pain and stress, and the kids are new to the world.

Therefore, you will have to take care of the food, vaccinations, and even the warmth of both the parent and the kid in order to certify that they are in good health condition.

How to take care of a newborn puppy who has his mother?

When the puppy is with the mother, there are certain advantages as well as disadvantages so as to assure their health. You will have to consider the fact that the mother dog will sometimes not allow anyone to come near the puppy, which will then become a hazardous problem. This has been the case many times, even though she is your pet. 

Well, there is nothing we can do about it because the mother knows what is safest for her child.

  • Before starting labor, you should get her a whelping box. This will provide the warmth and the safe spot that she requires for her kids. She might choose it, or she might not accept the box, but do not worry.
  • When the puppies are born, do not try to approach them directly. Pay more attention to the reaction of the mother.
  • Replace towels and newspapers regularly.
  • Let the mother bond with the kids in the first four to five days. You can take care of the mother at this time and allow her to take care of the pups.
  • Always make sure that they are warm. You can even adjust the room temperature. Well, neither also checks whether they neither are nor overheated because this too can become a huge problem.
  • Cut all the sources of germs and infections that might affect the baby.
  • Check for his body weight daily. It is usual for the body weight to increase about three times from the birth weight.


Help newborn puppies learn to nurse

Teaching your dog how to nurse is a painful task. You will need to have a lot of patience and a lot of everything when it comes to this.

You will have to be careful on your part to how you help them and will have to make sure that you are a responsible parent.

So, in the process, keep a keen eye on the following things.

  • Make sure that you do not mix any of the feeding and nursing equipment
  • Allow the mothers to take their food and water at a place that is close to the pups. No mother in the world will be willing to leave their kids for food, and the same rule goes to your doggy.
  • Allow the puppies to investigate in the food and the drinks that their mother takes.

How to take care of an orphan puppy?

Your puppy love is never going to end and trust me when we say that.

You are going to be even more caring and sympathetic when you see an orphan puppy, and the second you hold it in your eyes, you are going to bring them all home with you.

So, as a person who loves these four-legged bundles of joy from the bottom of your heart, you should know how to take proper care of them.

How are you going to treat that sweet little motherless puppy if you do not know how to do that?

Well, there is nothing to worry about, because we bring you the details you need!

When you are caring for a newborn orphaned puppy, you should take note of the following facts.

  • You should be able to provide him with 24-hour care.
  • You will have to purchase a milk substitute so that you will be able to feed him. Make sure that you feed him once every two hours. Take note of his behavior when he is hungry.
  • Keep him at a warm and comfortable place, and make sure that you check whether he is warm enough.
  • Take him to the vet after the first three weeks to get a proper check and to get the vaccinations. – Make sure that you take to pay more attention to how newborn puppies act because this is the only way to know whether they are in pain or not.

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