How to stop a puppy from biting -Tips and tricks 2021

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how to stop a puppy from biting

Puppies are more adorable pets that we can ever have. They always love to play and cuddle. However, the hard part is their biting habits. Do you know that they have 28 teeny-tiny razors in their mouth? Your fingers, toes, arms, cushions, couch, or even soft toys become their sensation. So, how to stop a puppy from biting? You should learn a proper technique to stop puppy biting. This article will guide you some important tips to train your dog that will help to get rid of the biting habits of your puppy.

How to stop a puppy from biting via practicing bite inhibition method?

First of all, you should teach your puppy bite inhibition. It will help them to moderate the need for biting, and it will gradually stop a puppy from biting completely. They naturally require biting. But when you train them properly bite inhibition; your puppy can well control the need for biting. If you wonder how to stop a puppy from biting, this becomes the number one solution.

The training time is depending on the type of dog. When she tries to bite you hard, you can warn him, making high pitch “ow” sound. Then they will immediately learn that you do not like it.

Game over concept is ideal for those who are looking for how to stop a puppy from biting!

There is no doubt that your pup loves to play all the time. If she bites, while playing, it means that the game is over. You can yell or physically punish her to stop biting behavior. It can be a negative reward, but your puppy will learn that biting is not a good thing to practice when you always negatively respond to it. This is negative reinforcement. However, most experts suggest changing the approach. You can teach the puppy that biting will give her nothing. You only have to do is turning around and tucking your hands into your armpits.

Use alternative toys to chew

Sometimes, it will be a big problem to keep the full stop for the biting habitwhen she bites all your furniture, bed, and other materials. At this time, you can provide an alternative soft toy to your puppy. Then, she begins to think that she is allowed to bite, but only this item. She automatically follows your orders and satisfies only biting her toy.

Give them a time to relax

If your puppy is continuously biting and you cannot stop it anyhow, you may try one thing. Just give her /him time to relax and calm down. So you can gently put them in their crate. But keep in mind not to use this as a punishment. First, give your puppy enough time to calm down and then make her rest.

Understand your puppy well

This is one of the crucial points of how to stop a puppy from biting. Puppies do not always bite as a practice or as a game. Sometimes they may require basic needs. Your puppy may be hungry, tired or even she may need a potty break. So always try to understand your puppy and what she expressed. Well, mates, these are some basic tips to get rid of puppy biting and you can practice them right now.

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