How to crate train a puppy? – Crate training for a well-behaved puppy!

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how to crate train a puppy

Having a well decent puppy is a high expectation for all dog lovers. But how to do it? Yes, it is not as easy as we imagine. As many experts suggest, crate training is the ideal option to have a well-behaved puppy. Now, many of you wonder how to crate train a puppy. You need to select the perfect method to crate train your puppy. Sometimes, all the instructions or the methods may not be suitable for your one. The ideal way to crate train your dog highly depends on the type of your puppy. So, let us look at the natural and proper steps that solve your doubts about how to crate and train a puppy.

Select the most suitable crate for your puppy

The selection of the crate is the key to crate training your puppy. First of all, consider the type and size of your puppy and how big she may become in the future as a grown-up. Then select the perfect size. Please do not go for a too big or too small crate, because they are not comfortable for your pet. If your puppy loves to sleep a lot, you can select darker ones such as kennel or airline crates. Other dogs can have wire ones since they provide more light. It would help if you kept in mind that the crate should be durable, comfortable, and flexible.

Select the proper time to crate train

If you think that you can crate train your puppy any time, it will end up in utter failure. That is because everything needs the right time. So, it would be best if you understood how to crate train a puppy selecting the most suitable time for it. It would help if you never tried it while your puppy is playing. Let her play as much as she can. She will be more tired and will need a rest. Then, comes your perfect time and begin your crate training.  

If you plan for crate training a puppy at night, it will be a right decision as puppies prefer to get a rest at night. They also need enough sleep. Thus it is easier to crate train them at night since they are calmer and quiet at night. You will learn more detail on crate training a puppy at night at the end of this article.

Avoid long period of crate training

No one can stay at a single place for an extended period without having a stretch. The theory is applicable to your puppy also. Do not keep her inside the crate for an extended period. Please give her enough breaks to come out and play with you. Sometimes, she needs to eat and drink, or even it might be a time for her potty. 

Make the crate a nice place

You can create the crate a fun place for your puppy. Make it more comfortable by keeping some comfortable clothes or carpets that your puppy loves. At the same time, you can keep a toy like a ball inside the crate. It will be a good motivation and stimulates your puppy to stay inside the crate for a long period. Thus she may not have any negative image on the crate training.  

Be patient

In the beginning, we all struggle how to crate train a puppy properly. Your patience is the most important fact. At least prepare yourself for six months of crate training. Actually, the task will be not as easy as your puppy is not a linear learner. But your patience can reach your goal. As you long as you are steady and calm, your puppy also motivates to crate train. 

The above facts are the general rules of crate training a puppy. Let us move on to the specific guideline for crate training a puppy at night.

Facts for crate training a puppy at night

  • Your puppy should be tired before bed.
  • Always you need to be calm and never react or reward for their crying.
  • Give potty breaks during the night.
  • Keep in silent while your puppy is having her potty break.
  • Your puppy needs to be empty before bed.
  • Keep the crate closer to your bedroom.

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