How long are dogs pregnant? – Signs, Care and More

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how long are dogs pregnant

It is so heartwarming to welcome a new litter of puppies to the world. But just like human pregnancies, you need to know so many things about their pregnancies and deliveries to safely deliver the puppies to the world. Dog pregnancies can be stressful and confusing, just like human pregnancies. But if you know your information right, you cannot go wrong. How long are dogs pregnant? How to they deliver? How stressful is the situation? These are the bunch of the most vital questions you need to answer if your bitch is pregnant.

How long are dogs pregnant? – Breeding information

When you are planning to breed your dog, you need to know how long they stay pregnant and the length of their gestation period. These things will help you with your veterinary checkups, emergencies, and other situations.

Approximately, dogs are pregnant for about 63 days or two months. During this short period, a lot can take place. During the first four weeks, the eggs travel to the uterine horn, where they embed themselves. They start developing from that point on. The second half of the pregnancy is when the veterinarian can detect the fetal heartbeat. The embryos convert into recognizable puppies within a short span of time. By the end of eight weeks, the puppies are ready to be born, and you can expect them at any time.

Diagnostic tests during your dog’s pregnancy


On the 28-day mark, you can request your veterinarian to conduct abdominal palpation to confirm the pregnancy. At this stage, if your dog is pregnant, the puppies will feel like grapes or golf balls. This depends on body size of your dog. These grape-like balls are fluid-filled sacks that surround the fetus. If you pass 28 days, these sacks will turn into recognizable puppies. That is why it is essential to conduct this test just after completing four weeks. You can also get an x-ray to see the size of the puppies and measure them. After about six weeks, your veterinarian can conduct an ultrasound test to hear the puppies’ heartbeat.

Signs of dog pregnancy

Diagnostic abdominal palpation is the most accurate way to confirm your dog’s pregnancy. But you can also notice any change in their behavior at home to confirm their pregnancies.

  • Increase in appetite:

You will see a sudden increase in your bitch’s appetite if she is pregnant. If you notice this increase in appetite without any other significant reason, it is most likely that she is pregnant.

  • Weight gain:

You will see a considerable weight gain in your dog due to an increase in appetite. The dog may also increase the weight because of the puppies that are growing inside.

  • Increase in nipple size:

This is most likely to be the accurate sign of all if you are trying to confirm their pregnancy at home. An increase in nipple size shows the starting of milk production.

Caring for your pregnant bitch is utterly crucial to have a healthy litter of puppies. How long are dogs pregnant how they should be cared for, are vital areas to study if your canine friend is pregnant.

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