Dogs Howling is a form of vocal communication!-Can you believe?

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dogs howling

It is a wonder that you have never heard of dogs howling because it is a usual habit of any of dogs. Sometimes, dogs howling becomes trouble, when they do it excessively. So we should find the real reason behind it and need to address it effectively. 

All species have their kind of language to exchange thoughts as a way of expression. We, humans, use hundreds of different languages to communicate. Likewise, dogs howling is a form of vocal communication. However, we should correctly identify why do dogs howl and how to stop them if it is too much.  

Why do dogs howl?

As we discussed above, dogs howling is a habit. There are some reasons engaged with that behavior, but those are simple and need to be less concerned. Dogs howl to seek attention, alert their owner to some danger, communicate and contact with other dogs, or as a response to high-pitched sound. 

However, there are some exceptional cases that dogs howl. In those situations, we should pay attention and do concern thoroughly. 

Separation anxiety

Dogs tend to howl too much when they are alone. If you are not at home, the dog may feel lonelier, and due to the feeling of separation anxiety, he may howl continuously. Sometimes, she may get depression or other signs of distress.

Medical issues

If your dog is not well, it might be the reason for her howling. She may try to convince you that she is not physically fit and something wrong with her. In this situation, your dog’s sound is frequent, and she may howl with a shrieking tone. Please check your dog carefully because she may suffer from a physical injury or an inside pain. 


Dogs’ hearing frequency is different from humans. They are very keen on hearing and more sensitive to high-frequency sounds. Thus, when they expose to those kinds of noisy sounds such as sirens, they get excited and begin to howl. 

How to address dogs howling?

Well, you have already got a clear idea of dogs howling and why do they howl. Our next step should be to find a real solution for howling when it is a sign of something serious. 

If your dog howls due to separation anxiety or seeking more attention, please be with her and allow more time than usual. Actually, dogs love to have a social life, and thus they prefer to have regular social interaction. You can walk with him and play some games. 

The dog should learn to be quiet also. So how do you teach her to be calm? At first, ignore her attention-seeking howling, secondly reward your dog for being quiet. You can offer some food which she likes or even a toy to play.  However, if your dog is howling due to a medical condition, pay more attention. If you cannot identify any injury or illness, take her to a veterinarian immediately. It is the best thing to do at the moment.

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