Dog training -Things to know before you train your dog

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dog training

Getting an adorable little pet that will be by your side for the rest of your life is some pretty amazing thing to do. If you are someone who has not had a pet in your entire lifetime, let me tell you this, you are missing an essential part of your life. Training your dog is comfortable and better if you start it from a very young age. However, you should know that dog training is an important and essential factor that you need to take care of when having a pet.

So why do you think dog training is essential?

Well, your pet is going to be your partner and most probably the one single thing that you are going to love and attach with seriously. Therefore, it is vital to make sure that he is aware of the procedures and other essential practices that you should teach your loving pet.

Well, the training must be followed in an orderly manner, and you should know the proper order to train your pet.


What should you know before starting the dog training?

Before you start anything with your lovely doggie, you should prepare for the worst.

He is tiny and does not entirely understand what you say. You will have to be very patient. I know that the first trials could end up in complete disasters, but you will have to take a look at him, see how innocent he is, and start all over again.

To begin things slowly and productively, you should always remember to be patient. The next thing is to treat your puppy. Whenever he does something right, you need to treat him.

Share the joy between the two of you, and you will be surprised to see how fast he will learn everything.

The first five things to start with!

Well, you might think that you are needed to teach him to fetch a ball or a stick. But that is not the case here.

You should first train your puppy, the most important ones.

There is nothing to worry about because the most important practices are the most basic ones – and what more – teaching them will be completely easy (if you start correctly).

Here are the top five commands that your cute little bundle of happiness should learn.


  1. Teach the name

So, you got your puppy, right? 

You love him, and I am sure that you have already planned a beautiful name as well. You are now ready to teach him the title. It is the first thing that you should do when you get a puppy. He should be familiar with the name, and you should be able to get him to come to you whenever you call him by his name.

  1. Potty training

The next important thing is teaching your puppy to use the potty. It is an important thing that you should teach him, and you definitely should not take long to start this. He is not born with the instincts to use the potty, and therefore you should be careful as well as patient when doing this.

You can celebrate and reward him with treats whenever he uses it correctly. You should have a keen eye on the places they pick as their washroom.

So, if you ever catch him having an accident, then you should CALMLY take him to the potty so that he can do learn.

  1. Guarding

If you are ignorant about how you take things off your puppy, you will be in real trouble in the future.

You should learn to use other objects to distract him rather than taking things forcefully. It will only make him fierce and protective.

  1. Mouthing

Being a puppy is not comfortable because you have all these sharp teeth coming out of your mouth, which you do not know how to use. Now you can see that the real trouble has begun.

You should teach him not to chew on anything and everything that he finds attractive.

You can use a toy and let him eat it as much as he wants to.

  1. Obedience

After you are confident that your puppy is well trained on all of the above, you should teach him obedience. You should teach him to pay attention and to teach him to sit and roll and other necessary activities as well.


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