Dog constipation – The important facts that you should know!

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dog constipation

The important facts you should know about dog constipation!

If your beloved pet is not feeling well and her behavior is not normal, you will be upset for sure. Sometimes it might be a small issue, but your pet remains uncomfortable for an extended period of time. Do you think that dog constipation is one such problem that dogs can commonly experience and suffer? So, this is all about dog constipation, its causes, symptoms, and finally, how to prevent it.

What is dog constipation?

Dog constipation is also a similar condition that humans experience, a difficulty or an inability to pass normally produced stool on a regular basis. Sometimes it produces rock-hard stools. The same situation applies to your dog, and she may suffer from these issues. We know that normally, a healthy dog passes stool a time or even twice a day without any difficulty. However, as the adopter, you know very well her regular pattern and lifestyle. If there is something uncommon or even the dog does not pass stool usually, she may probably suffer from dog constipation. It might be more painful for her.

What are the symptoms?

To identify your dog’s illness, whether it is constipation or something else, you should have a better understanding of dog constipation symptoms. These symptoms are similar to humans.

If your dog is suffering from constipation, she has severe difficulty passing stools as usual. There is a lack of defecation for a few days or even more. At the same time, the stools are so dry and hard, like rock or pebbles. The amount is also less in comparison to her regular days. These are the common signs that are associated with dog constipation. However, besides, there are another two signs that can be seen. Tenesmus is one symptom that includes straining to defecate. The amount passed might be too little, or most probably, there is nothing. Sometimes, with this condition, we can see that the dog passes a significantly less quantity of liquid fecal matter, which is not a regular output and is mixed with blood.

Dyschezia is the second one. Here your dog feels severe pain or difficult defecation. When your dog has these signs for a few days, most probably she is suffering from constipation, and you should provide a cure for it as soon as possible.

Causes for dog constipation

Although we consider this a normal condition and it will be fine, sometimes the situation is not as simple as we expect. Thus we should identify the causes for dog constipation. If those causes are typical, there is no risk for the health of your pet. However, since there are some severe cases, the dog’s life is at risk, and the condition should be addressed immediately with experts’ support.

As Veterinarians explain, the lack of exercise is a cause for dog constipation. Sometimes it is a sign of more serious health problems like cancer. However, in addition to these two causes, there are plenty of common reasons engaged with dog constipation, and they can be treated easily.

Dog’s diet is a significant cause for her constipation. Like in the human body, the dogs also require more fiber-rich foods to maintain the digestive system properly. If they do not have foods that contained enough fiber, they will have constipation. On the other hand, there is a high tendency that dogs eat anything besides food like toys, hair, clothes, etc. Thus these materials are not correctly digested and result in constipation.


Age is also another factor. The elder dogs have constipation rather than the younger ones. The aged one has fewer exercises, and even their digestive system also does not properly function. Thus, the elderly dogs seem more vulnerable to have constipation.

Dehydration is another cause. We all know that even humans suffer from constipation due to dehydration. Likewise, the dog also needs to have sufficient liquid intake to avoid constipation.

If your dog is taking drugs, it might be the root cause of her constipation. Some drugs disturb the natural digestive system, and the dogs face several difficulties to pass stool.

Apart from these circumstances, there are some other causes, and most of them are related to medical conditions. They are digestive tract tumors, tumors that narrow the pelvic region, prostate enlargement, spinal diseases and injuries, orthopedic disorders, central nervous system disorders, surgeries, metabolic diseases, etc.

Prevention and treatment for dog constipation

Constipation is a common and less dangerous condition for dogs. Therefore, you can follow a few simple tips to prevent it; providing a balanced fiber-rich diet, freshwater, and regular exercise.

However, if your dog suffers from constipation only for one or two days and is not serious, you can follow some home remedies. Ensure that all the treatments are not suitable for all the dogs, and it is better to contact your veterinarian before doing those remedies.

Pumpkin is an excellent choice for your dog, which is high in both fiber and moisture. The taste is also pleasant for your dog. So, follow a suitable pumpkin recipe for your dog, and the problem will be fine after this treat.

Some canned dog food also contained fiber, and it helps to provide necessary nutrition for the dogs. Thus it can regulate the digestive system of your dog.

Some foods and herbs like ginger, olive oil, wheat bran, psyllium seeds will be more helpful.

Powdered fiber supplements and dietary calcium are also better to give your dog when she is having constipation. However, if your dog has long-term constipation and is a chronic condition, home remedies are not advised. You should visit the veterinarian immediately and provide the required information as much as possible; the last time that dog passed regular stool, the color of stool, dog’s diet, drugs, etc.


In conclusion, dog constipation is a normal and common condition that causes many reasons such as diet, age, lack of exercise, dehydration, drugs, etc. If it is less than two days, you can follow some home remedies. If you feel that it is chronic constipation, you should visit the veterinarian without delay because it might be a sign of a severe condition such as cancer.

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