Cane Corso Dog is a Playful Partner for Perfect protection!

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Are You Looking for a Playful Partner for Perfect Protection?

If you are looking for a loyal dog companion that would always protect you, Cane Corso is the best choice for you. Cane Corso is a breed of Mastiff that originated in Italy. They are a muscular, working dog breed that loves to play outside. However, a Cane Corso usually only be playful and protective of its family members. Therefore, Corsi might not be for social gatherings and such. They are described as ‘unique, intensely loyal, protective, sensitive and serious dogs’ by the CCAA – Cane Corso Association of America. They also show excellent skills in activities like agility, tracking, obedience, protection sports, dock diving, and nose work. These traits have made them perfect guards as well as police associates.

Where does the Cane Corso come from?

Cane Corso belongs to the category of Molossus. It is a breed that originated in Greece. Mollosus’s primary purpose was to be guardian dogs. Romans brought molossers to Italy. In Italy, Mollosers were crossed with native dog breeds. Their offspring (the original Corsi) are the ancestors of the Cane Corso we now see. In Italy, these dogs served in wars as well as farming and hunting. But due to many wars and invasions, the Corso breed went on the verge of extinction until an exclusive group called “Amorati Cane Corso” started rebreeding Corsi in the 1970s.

Wanna know more about them?

A male Cane Corso grows into 62 – 70cm height, and a female Cane Corso grows into 58 – 66cm height. They weigh around 90 – 120 pounds proportionate to the height. Many people prefer black or dark color Corsi. The Colour range of Corsi is short and includes colors like black, fawn, grey, chestnut brindle, black brindle, and red. Many people misunderstand grey color Cane Corso as blue, but blue color Cane Corso dogs do not exist. Corsi puppies have blue eyes that will change into brown as they grow up. The life expectancy of this dog is 10 – 12 years.

What can they do, and what do they do?

Corsi are very playful dogs who love being outside. They are often appointed as guard dogs and helps with tracking, law enforcement, and hunting. A trained Corso is a very disciplined partner for you. A Corso can help with livestock and guarding children. Therefore, if you own a farm or a large garden, a Corso would love that. This dog does not like to stay just lying down. The owner should always appoint them a job to do. If not, a Corso finds something to do himself, which would probably end with big holes on your furniture or yard. A Cane Corso tends to be aggressive when he comes across a threat.

How to take care of your Cane Corso?

Since Corso is an athletic-type dog, nutrition is an important part. Always feed them with high-quality dog food, commercially manufactured or homemade. Be concern with their age when feeding. Giving too many sweets can cause obesity. Therefore, be mindful of your dog’s sugar intake, especially when giving treats as reinforcement in training. It is pretty crucial that clean fresh water is available anytime they want.

Corso has a double-layered coat. Spring is the shedding season. Brush them daily during this period. Weekly brushing is enough throughout the rest of the year. An undercoat of hair is grown during winter. You can use any medium-bristle brush, a rubber grooming mitt or tool, or a hound glove to remove shed hair and dirt off the dog’s skin. Give them an occasional bath. Trim the nails regularly. Exercise is a serious need for Corsi. Try to walk or run them at least a mile, twice a day. Few shorter walks work well for Corsi puppies. Other than walking, try to do exercises and workouts at least 20 minutes a day to keep their muscles from weakening. You can make them join your walks, hikes, and bicycle rides. They need to engage in activities to keep their physical and mental stability intact.

There are more to dig up!

Cane Corso is a big and strong dog type. Therefore they should be socialized starting from an early age and take to puppy training classes. Training is a must if you own a Cane Corso. At a minimum, teach your dog the basic commands like come, lie down, and stay. Train them to behave on or off leash and ignore temptations. They are easy to train. Rewarding them and loving them is a better way to train than punishments and harsh methods. Always train your Cane Corso yourself. It is important that you build a deep connection with your dog and teach him to obey your rules. Every family member should participate in training the dog to learn to obey any instruction given to him by any family member. An untrained Cane Corso will make his own rules that will not always line up with your preference.


Corsi are strong and healthy dogs. But there might be some health conditions that would affect them.

Especially, look out for the following list of issues if you are a Corso owner.

  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Idiopathic epilepsy
  • Demodex manage
  • Eyelid abnormalities
  • Stomach conditions
  • Ear infections

Brush the dog’s teeth often with a toothpaste specially made for dogs and check ears for infections regularly. National breed club has recommended a few health tests for dogs. They are hip evaluation, elbow evaluation, and cardiac exam. Do these tests for your Corsi to make sure they are in great shape and health.

What else do they like and dislike?

Corsi dislike being left alone. They build a deep relationship and connection with their family. Eye contacts are their way of telling that they like a person. Corsi love to be near their family, keeping you company. It will lighten up their heart if you reserve them a comfortable pad somewhere inside the house. Corsi are emotionally sensitive dogs, and they will not bother you for cuddling and petting, but they really enjoy it if you offer them.

Can I get myself a Cane Corso?

If you are planning on getting a Cane Corso, give it a serious thought whether you will be able to care for them. Cane Corso needs regular training and work. As they are a large breed, Corsi treatments and other requirements are expensive. Further, Corsi are outgoing alpha dogs. So make sure you can control and convey their dominance to them. This does not necessarily mean that you have to be physically strong, but you should have leadership qualities and a self-assertive personality.

You can adopt a Cane Corso from a dog rescue group. But since these dogs are full-grown most of the time, some experience is needed in order to control the dog. Corsi from rescue groups might have problems with obeying your orders. This goes the same for the Corsi you can adopt from a public animal shelter and humane societies. If you adopt an older Can Corso, make sure to give them proper training, love, and understanding to make a marvelous companion out of them. You can always get the help of an experienced trainer for training your Cane Corso.

When you are buying a pup from a breeder, make sure they are responsible and knowledgeable. Make sure to inspect if the parent Corsi pair are healthy and properly treated. It is necessary to test and certify the parents for the three tests hip evaluation, elbow evaluation, and cardiac exam. Also if you are a breeder and looking to sell your Corsi puppies, please make sure they are in good hands or retrieve them back. No dog should be treated poorly as they are such loving companions for humans.

Winding up…

If you already have or ended up purchasing or adopting any dog, including Cane Corso, treat them with great care and love. Make sure to take action for them in the case of your passing before them. Choose wisely and consider a great deal when adding a dog to your family as a new member. Any dog deserves to be left on the street or end up in a shelter just because they grew out of their cuteness or their owner did not think enough before taking them home.

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