Best apartment dogs-Adore your cute dog, no matter what’s your space is!

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best apartment dogs

Having a pet is a dream for almost all of us. When it is a dog, it is more surprising, and we all love to have a bond. However, many people hesitate to adopt a dog due to many reasons, especially because of their limited space of living. You do not need to worry. There are plenty of best apartment dogs who are suitable for any living space and atmosphere. 

The one and only thing that you have to do is to select the best apartment dog breeds. So, this article will guide you to select the best apartment dog. You will learn the facts that you should consider when you have a dog at your apartment and what the best apartment dog breeds are. 

The facts to be considered when you have the best apartment dogs

If you are planning to adopt a dog at your apartment, you should look into several essential facts. 

Some people may think that size is the most conscious thing in selecting apartment dog breeds. It is only a myth, because there are plus size dogs that are the best selection of all. So the size does not matter the most; it is only a certain level. You may surprise hearing that there are breeds from the smallest size up to the large. 

Always keep in mind that your apartment should be pleasant and well organized for the dog. That means your companion should have a specific place to stay. If your apartment is too dark or too light, you can adjust the light as natural. It will bring more comfort to your new dog. On the other hand, you can use a small gate to separate them if you have a small apartment or a studio. A small bench against a windowsill creates more joy for the dog. He can jump and see the world outside. Most of the apartment dog breeds love to explore the outside world as they are stuck in the house most of the time.

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The best apartment dogs are not noisy and do not make a mess all the time. Thus quiet and less energy dogs are the ideal for the apartment. They should follow a routine. It is easy for you and him as well, because feeding and walking times become consistent. If the dog has any behavioral issues, you can hire a trainer for some time.

When you bring a new dog breed to your apartment, try to be present most of the time. The dog needs more time to adapt. You should not forget to acclimate him slowly by visiting for shorter and then longer periods.

Best apartment dog breeds

Now, you already have a clear idea of the facts that you should follow while adopting a dog in your apartment. Therefore, let’s move on to the best selection of the apartment dog breeds. 

French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs-best apartment dogs

These little cuties are the best apartment dog you can ever have. They do not bark all the time and very cool buddies. At the same time, they love to have fewer exercises. Thus you do not want to walk with them always. As they typically weigh from 15 to 30 pounds, it is easy to care for them. Most importantly, they extremely love human companionship and if you neglect them, they may suffer from separation anxiety. Thus do remember, if you have French Bulldogs, keep in touch with them as much as you can.

American Eskimo Dogs

They are pretty easy to handle and train. Thus this will be one of the best selection of the apartment dog breeds. We have three sizes of them; toy, miniature, and standard. Like many best apartment dogs, they also need to have a social life with humans, and they need more visits to the park.


They are the ideal one for your apartment life. Because Dachshunds do not need more exercise, and they can satisfy with few rounds around your apartment. Actually, they dislike the long-distance running by their nature. Since they are small in size, the standard-size breeds can weigh up to 32 pounds.


If you are looking for cuties, they are the best apartment dog to look after. Although they have a tiny body and look more adorable, they can adjust to any environment. On the other hand, they are incredibly social breeds. 

Shih Tzus

This is another cute selection of the best apartment dogs. They are the Royals of all kinds of breeds; they love to have a lavish lifestyle. They need to have a warm cuddle rather than going out. At the same time, Shih Tzus love to sleep on the couch all the time. Yes, of course, they are sluggish guys, but they are so cute. 



Pugs-apartment dog breeds

Pugs are one of the favorite apartment dog breeds of many people. They have the perfect size for the apartment life with a maximum of 18 pounds of weight when they reach maturity. They are foodies and love to meet new people as well as dogs. Thus they are fond of social life. If you plan to have a daily walk to the park, you can make them more satisfied.


The iconic small dog breed of all the time can live in a small space without any hesitation. You can hold them in your hand when they are in the puppy stage. However, they need to have proper training from the beginning, unless they may behave unrulily. 

English Bulldogs

English Bulldogs-best apartment dogs

They need more attention and more maintenance than the other apartment dog breeds due to their health problems. But they look pretty and brave at the same time. They require consistent workouts than long-distance walking. On the other hand, they enjoy an air-conditioned atmosphere. Being one of the best apartment dogs, many people love to take care of them, although they need high protection.   In addition to these best apartment dogs, they are many kinds; Bichon Frises, Pomeranians, Miniature Pinschers, Boston Terriers, Cocker Spaniels, Whippets, etc. There is no matter if you have any of them. The only thing is you should look after them properly with more care and training.

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